Google,s Camera Translation app updated to 60 new languages

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Today I’m writing about the most useful and amazing app of Google whose name is Google camera translation app. It is a free app. Google makes their technology easier so we can do more.

This is a very useful app and will really help the people of different regions or countries to communicate with each other. For example if we travel to somewhere else in a world and we don’t  know the language of that region nor we understand the written text so in under such condition Google camera translation app will really help us.

Google live camera translation app has been improved his services and now it supports 60 new languages all across the globe. This new update makes the Google services more reliable and easy.

When we talk about the mid of 2018, Google translate app including support of “offline” AI (Artificial Intelligence)-powered translation for more than 50 languages. Now Google updated its app by adding several AI-powered improvements to the camera translation and support 60 new languages.

With this new update this app now supports 88 languages and now it will be possible for the user living across the globe to get benefit from Google camera translation app simply by pointing their smart phone or tablet camera to the text you wanted to translate. The app will translate the text into your native language or other language which is easily understandable for you.

If you wanted to see the list of languages and also wanted to know how to use this app than Click here 

This seems to be good news for regular user of Google Translate who already use its useful and helpful translation features. If you not used this app until now, download this app Click here