What is Wireless Technology? Its uses in Technology world

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Wireless Technology means that technology which allows us to communicate without using any cables or wires. People can communicate over a very long distances using Wireless Technology. Wireless technology includes radio frequency and infrared.

According to a telecommunication company, Tracfone, the word, wireless wireless entered the English language at the end of the 19th century. At that time, it meant “Communication via radio waves rather than with cables or wires.

A smartphone that we can recharge without wire has wireless technology in it. However, in most of the cases, wireless means communicating without cables or wires.

Brief history:

Wireless technology have been here for a very long time. When German physicist Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894) discovered electromagnetic waves, it all started from there.

The Photophone:

The ever first wireless conversation occurred in 1880 when Charles Sumner Tainter and Alexander Graham Bell invented this photophone. This(photophone) was a telephone that conducted audio conversation over modulated light beams.

Radio transmission and wireless telegraphy:

An italian inventor and electrical engineer, Guglielmo Marconi started work on long distance radio transmission. Marconi and Karl Ferdinand shared the nobel prize in physics for the development of wireless telegraphy. Braun (1850-1918) was German physicist and inventor.

The TV, Radio and Satellites:

Many types of wireless technologies crop up during the 20th century. Marconi invented the radio and television.

Encyclopedia says that wireless technology gives us the ability to communicate between two or more than two ends in a distance of may be short or long without the use of wires and cables. Wireless technology communication includes both radio frequency and infrared waves.

Wireless Technology today uses:

Now lets talk about the uses of wireless technology in todays world. If you ask someone about wireless technology, they will surely think about phones, tablets, laptops and modems.

Wireless tech has become part of our everyday life. There are currently two main types of WT.

local Wi-Fi Networks:

Wi-Fi is a technology through which the phones, laptops, tablets, video games console, printers and many more communicate with the internet.

The word Wi-Fi rised in the 1990’s from the words wireless and Fi, which was an arbitrary second component of the word, Hi-Fi. People often mistakenly take the word, Wi-Fi as a short form of Wireless Fidelity.

Mobile phone networks (Cellular networks):

This technology gives us the way to communicate in a long distance. For example there are two persons, one is in India and one is in New Zealand. The Indian can call the New Zealand’s one through phone and can talk anything. This is a very common example.

Using internet, we can communicate through mobile apps like Messanger, Whatsapp and IMO, these all are also due to cellular networks. The term has made it very easy for the world to communicate.




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